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Helping you lose weight – the natural way!

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Abundant Living Wellness Center is a premier wellness center in Snellville, Georgia that offers a range of weight loss programs designed to help you lose weight in a natural, effective way. Our weight loss programs are specifically tailored to match each person’s unique goals and needs.

Our weight loss programs are a well-rounded approach for your overall health.
We focus on your wellness and will guide you to lose the weight you have always desired. Our program is a lifestyle transformation that helps you to keep the weight off, once you lose it.

We offer homeopathic products and nutritional supplements that support weight management. These homeopathic dilutions hA2cg, appetite control, and others help relieve the symptoms associated with calorie-restricted weight loss plans.

We also offer a plant-based weight loss program, a simple remove and replace option. It removes foods that lead to excess weight, health deterioration, and replaces it with foods that help the body to self-heal, lose excess weight and keep it off. Calories are not restricted with this option.

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Abundant Living Wellness is a holistic and natural health center. We do not diagnose or prescribe. We assess the whole person and believe each person is biochemically different from one another. Our approach is to create an environment to allow the body to heal itself.
Each person has their own personalized recommendations and plan of care, based on their own specific needs. We focus on getting the body to a balanced healthy optimal state possible, where it begins to heal itself, as ordained by God.